Spatial LIteracy

In the essay required to read this week shows different approaches toward the space between the written text and the spoken language. I believe it’s frightening to think that without the sense of emotion of the spoken word and the information of the written text that human development might have been very different. I’m of course stating the extreme. But it reminded me of when I was stil in film school where we actually used film compared to today’s digital tools. There was a stark contrast in the cinematography course on the requirements to pass the course. It was not “arbitrary” where we would make films and show them for critique and opinions then graded according to our story and performance. But instead we had to follow evyerhing to the letter. We essentially had “to learn the science behind the art”.

This meant learning what ASA settings were, f-stops, footcandles, gels and the like to create a spectacular image to push our stories forward. There was no room for error. It was either you got it right, or everyrhing is black. Cinematography was something specific, precise requiring an entirely new subset of knowledge in order to put image onto celluloid. By acquiring this “cinematographic language” we are able to control the factors that define the image.

Using this analogy, by further examining and defining the spaces around us, I think that it’s possible to show more. Computers and data accelerate this process. By deconstructing the information and putting it forward in text it is possible to further expand the current syntax known by computers. For example if we can create a system where a program can actually detect emotion by using a variety of factors or even display emotion, I think that it would put our understanding of the physical world even further than the text that runs by our screen.

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