Final Project for Physical Computing

Thinking of a final project is hard. Like I need ice cream to get through this hard. At first I wanted to make a robot hand being controlled by a glove. than I listed the parts I would need and that posed a significant technical problem in itself.

I wanted the glove and the robot hand separate from each other. So how do I make two arduinos talk to each other? Given the time I had and the current knowledge I have of arduinos that was a pretty big task I have there. Not to mention the type of motor I wanted to use for the robot. It would a be cross between the servo and the stepper motor of at least 6 to control. Note that these just make up the hand and the the arm, the arm is a different story but I think I could get through it by using a solenoid. But after testing the flex sensor (I know I should’ve learned from my stupid pet trick) it’s a pain to configure.

So on to the next challenge. I wanted to make an array of grass/ rice field swaying to the wind. I would use microphones to sense the wind/ noise and they would move accordingly. The mic or at least the one I was using is a pain. I couldn’t get a stable range and according to the internet I shoudl order another type of mic instead.

So now on to the real one. Somewhat similar to my ICM project but in a physical sense. I’ll be illuminating an array of LEDs based on the room/ outside temperature. Inspired by my MUJI Ultrasonic Aroma diffuser and relaxing thing it gives me.

I wanted to make one for the weather. Using a humidity and temperature sensor that I can detach from the unit so I can stick it outside my window if needed will give the outside temp and give me visual display using LEDs. I can’t seem to wrap my head around the entire farenheit scale and keep referring to my celcius range to decide what to wear.

In the event that I run out of time working with the thermmo sensor I’ll import the sensor data through processing and send them to the LED lamp.

While at work I saw the cd spindle case and thought that it would be a perfect enclosure for the lamp. I’ll use a frosting paint inside so I can diffuse the light better.

cd spindle

What are your thoughts about it?

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