Nintendo 3DS

Is 2011 the year of 3D?

3D TVs, 3D Movies, 3D consumer cameras, and Nintendo intends in bringing it to handheld gaming with the Nintendo 3DS.

Nintendo has come back from the brink of failure to one of the successes in this gaming generation. But in the previous year, the shine on the Wii has waned and the DS is now six years into it’s lifespan. We’ve seen the DS smaller, bigger and lighter. Now it’s going to be in 3D.

As someone who wears glasses, 3D is a pain. Looking through two sets of lenses that one or another will not be on the right angle is a headache. The 3DS will not need additional lenses. That is great sigh of relief. But at $249.99?

It’s pricey. Not something that you would expect from Nintendo. Just a little perspective, the original NDS came out at $169.99. It’s even more than the Wii at that price. You can get a PS3 or an Xbox360 at that price. Or even an iPod Touch. Expect a price drop when the Sony NGP comes out but even then, it will be a stretch.

The Nintendo 3DS offers a lot by including the great things from the NDS such as dual screen, NDS compatibility and a SD card slot. new things include the analog controller, telescoping stylus, and motion sensor.

Nintendo 3DS hits stores on March 27.

Nintendo 3DS launch details

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