The only app store you’ll need for your mac

Fire up that software update button and go up to 10.6.6 to be able to access the Mac App store from Apple.

In true Apple fashion it is easy to navigate through the menu. Much like the iTunes store but for apps. All of the iWork, iLife and Aperture apps are available for purchase to download including Remote Desktop. The app is intelligent enough to scan you application folder for the apps but it only works for Apple applications (for now?)

The store is very Apple like. If you know how to buy songs and apps off the iTunes Store, the Mac App store shouldn’t be a problem. Though it seems like the interface is still missing something like a side window for it to really look like the iTunes store.

Could that be in the future? Both the iTunes store and the App store will eventually merge and then iTunes will finally just be about managing your digital assets in your computer? Maybe? I’m just guessing here.

I can see the market that this fills. For those who just bought a mac and are lost with the tens and thousands of applications available including which one is real and which isn’t, this is a great starting point. The Garmin Base Camp app for the mac is a good example of this. I remember eternally searching back and fourth through the Garmin website looking for the app compatible with my mac. I eventually found it but the App store would have saved me hours searching.

Great apps that are already here are the OMNI series (Graffle, Foucs, Plan, Outliner and so on). Most if not all of the apps on the MacHeist bundles of past are also here.

Popular games such as Bejeweled, Angry Brids, and Enigmo are now just a click away. Sorry PvZ (Plants vs Zombies) fans it’s not here (yet).

Paying for these great apps are linked to your Apple store account which is much easier than entering your credit card information every single time or trying to remember your Paypal account. Piracy of apps is also rampant. Developers would be happy about the DRM but according to macnn the DRM has already been cracked. Expect an update to be released very soon.

Will this be the future of buying apps? Yes. It makes it faster and easier for applications to find their customers and vice versa. Physical discs will still be around a little longer. But when this becomes successful, expect all the apps to be delivered this way. But what about applications such as Logic Pro (installation is roughly 90GB) In my opinion, it’s only a matter of time.

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