Have you pre-ordered yet?

YouTube – Dragon Age II Rise To Power .mov.

The follow up to one of the best RPGs of 2009 is drawing near. This latest video from Bioware gives us a glimpse of the gameplay and the characters that our “Hawke” will be going through.

It is known that the game will NOT follow the character you made in Dragon Age: Origins or in Awakenings. But instead put you in the shoes of a new character named Hawke (which could be male or female). Think of it as Commander Shepard of Mass Effect placed into the world of Thedas.

I’ll actually miss being called “Warden” by everyone in the game. Now they’ll just refer to me as Hawke or “The Champion”. That’s just weird for me at the moment. But look on the bright side, I’ll probably live longer than any Grey Warden and there will be more adventures with thus character than the Grey Wardens.

But I do wish Bioware fixes the bugs with the DLCs and expansions for Origins. Especially if they plan on using the choices you made in that game carry over to make the world that Hawke has to fight his way through.

Dragon Age II hits shelves on the busy day of March 3, 2011.

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