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More details about Dragon Age 2

Five Facts About Hawke In Dragon Age II – News –

As stated in my previous post, Dragon Age 2 is coming! Details are sketchy but details coming from’s exclusive access to Bioware is on the link above.

Backstory of the main character, you are named HAWKE. Yes that is your name. I assume this is designated to make the voice dialogue the same throughout the game. Hawke is a survivor of the blight, more importantly Lothering. Yes I did write Lothering. Lothering is the town where you meet Leliana and eventually gets decimated by the darkspawn. Hawke flees Ferelden and heads to the Free Marshes where be becomes the the Champion of Kirkwall. How you do that is up to you.

Now on to the dark side of the new game:

You will play an entirely new character in Dragon Age 2 unless this changes in the next few months. But the character that you can create is limited to the human race. Yes, no elves, no dwarves. Only human. Not being able to import your character is already sad, but this is even sadder for those who went through the first game with the other races.

On to the good side:

The main character is voiced. No more blank stares to your party members or to any other denizen on Thedas. No more empty remarks. Think Mass Effect conversations.

You can’t change the race but you can change the gender. Yes! Much like Commander Shepard you can either be female or male Hawke.

The game supposedly runs for 10 in-game years. Instead of the story revolving around a global incident like the Blight, the story is purely character driven. I’m expecting this to become like Mass Effect 2 but much much longer.

So will this be better than the first, it’s very hard to say. But if Mass Effect 2 was any sign, this should be a great game.