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My precioussssss!

I finally got my hands on my iPad. I only had to wait 6 days from the time I made the reservation at the store. The odd thing about the iPad is that you can’t pay cash with it. Up until recently.

Anyhow I’ve had the iPad for almost two months now and I must say I don’t know how I was doing without it. I’ve used it in class to hold my presentations and videos as well as the books that I’m currently reading. I go everywhere with it.

When I used to go on trips anywhere I would always lug my 15″ Mac Book Pro which makes traveling a pain sometimes especially when you’re traveling in coach. The carry-on luggage restrictions as well as the weight limit is just not suited for the average business traveller. Not to mention I would also carry my DSLR with me and it would just be a game of chance with the flight attendant.

But now on a recent trip to Singapore, I just carried my carry-on luggage (with all my clothes and personal effects) and a small handbag with my iPod and iPad. It was great! I was zipping through the airport and security with ease. No worry of my clothes being transported off to who knows where and going around the city was a breeze. I could walk the streets without being burdened by 7 pounds of aluminum supercomputer. But instead I carried with me less than 1 pound of connectivity needed for a short trip. I still had room for some food stuffs I always buy in Singapore and was home in no time.

But for longer trips I’m afraid that this will not do. I cannot print my documents directly from it. I cannot import files from external devices directly to it. But I’m sure or at least that is coming in the future. I can however import photos to it but I have yet to acquire the photo connectivity kit.

In the end will it replace my Mac Book Pro? No. But it will make journeys much much lighter and just for that I am glad.