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Dragon Age comes to the Mac

Dragon Age: Origins – Sacred Ashes Trailer

Dragon Age Origins

Mac users will not have to wait an eternity to get their hands on possibly the best RPG to come out in this console generation. Like those of it’s PC and console versions, the initial release of the game will include codes for the various expansion sets available for the game.

I will admit that this game has sucked me in. I have spent the past month playing this game endlessly, not to mention that I have completed it twice and will be going in for third try.

Mac users will not be disappointed with the game and I hail Bioware/ EA for making this possible this holiday season. Now I’m thinking of getting the game again. Hmmm…

2009 UP Lantern Parade

Fireworks, originally uploaded by mdelamerced.

I finally finished uploading and partially tagging some of the pictures I took in yesterday’s lantern parade and created a photoset along with it. Click on the flickr link on the left of the page or here. More posts to follow.