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Wii Fit Day 65 Test 6

Did some warm ups on the hula hoop and some balance games since that is a sticky part of my Wii Fit age.

The test was better than the last time. I wish there was a better way yo grab screen shots of my Wii Fit.

02/08/2008 by you.

02/08/2008 by you.

My Wii Fit age isn’t that bad at all.

Spent half an hour on the slopes of We Ski. I actually broke out a sweat just going through the slopes. The slalom courses will take a little more practice though. On to tomorrow!

Dateline: Tokyo DKΣ3713

At the Square-Enix event in Tokyo, they seemed to announce things that would appease their loyal PS3 fans.

Final Fantasy XIII demo is heading for the PS3 in March 2009 which is bundled with the blu-ray version of FFVII Advent Children. This practically crushes any hope that it would be a surprise Holiday title.

Development of the Xbox 360 version will not begin until the PS3 version has been released.

PSP fans have everything to look forward to especially with Parasite Eve making it’s return.

My only problem with the announcements is that it makes me excited, next year. Sigh.