Should Tuesday be a holiday?

Grand Theft Auto IV – Mahalo


Unless you’re living under a rock, Tuesday marks the day when Grand Theft Auto 4 is released for the PS3 and the Xbox 360. It’s a game of anarchy and scandal. It’s been blamed for numerous violent actions and lawsuits. (Hot coffee anyone?)

But unlike the rest of the gaming world which has held it’s breath in anticipation of this game, I however am not. While my brother and my friends have pre-ordered the game months in advance. I couldn’t see the point. Yes it had a pretty interesting storyline voiced by Hollywood actors which put many games to shame. But it just doesn’t talk to me. I do enjoy blowing the brains out of fellow digital players online but taking the life of crime is not me.

Nevertheless I am a minority in the grand scheme of gaming who love this sort of thing. Why else would they make a fourth version if not to make lots of $$$$?

Anyway let’s see how the game progresses. But in anycase, it will beat any other media released this week. Not even Iron Man and Madonna can stop Niko.

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