Persona 3 FES coming to North America in April

Official Persona 3 FES Website

Atlus, in a surprise announcement says it will bring Persona 3 FES which was Japan only title will now be heading across the Pacific.

This is great news! Early adopters need not worry, you can transfer over your save game from the original game and import it into FES to take advantage of the new features and additional storyline. Wow and to think I’m almost done with it. It’s exciting to see Atlus bring over the extended special editions of their game to countries other than Japan. (Hint hint Square-Enix, cough cough Final Fantasy 12 Zodiac Job system, Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix) I hope this will start a trend of these games finally seeing the light of day in the west.

Now all you fanboys can spend more time with Mitsuru-senpai. The fun arrives in April 22 of this year.

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