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Will you buy a PS3 this year?

Sony cuts PlayStation 3 production cost in half – Engadget

Now I almost feel bad that I bought one last year for $499. Hmmm. Not! I will not predict a price drop anytime soon. It just puts the PS3 within finally making money. Boosted by it’s major coup against HD-DVD last week this could spur more blu-ray sales this year. With the release of AAA games (finally) such as MGS4 and Little Big Planet, things look a lot better for the gaming giant after trailing both the Wii and Xbox in the past year. Add the fact that the 20 and 60 GB versions in Japan will be discontinued as well.

The sweetest thing ever made

Fairground Food: Cotton Candy-Making Machine Gives You Sugar on a Stick in Three Minutes

This has to be the sweetest thing ever made, well it’ll probably wouldn’t hold with Macworld only a few hours away. Ok that was a cheap joke but you too can make your own cotton candy by just dropping in any candy and in three minutes just dip in a stick and swirl away!