The hi-def transition

I stopped buying DVDs about a year ago since it felt pointless to invest in something that will be obsolete like VHS in a few years.

As if it wasn’t bad enough to have everyone get HDTVs. Now we have to contend with HDTV movies. After getting an Xbox 360 which gave me a taste of hi definition gaming. I knew I had to get a TV. So I got a 32 inch Samsung LCD to connect my 360 and all my other consoles.

But the switch to HDTV clearly showed the defects of my DVD collection and this called for an entirely different system.

The frustrating part of being a film graduate is that there is a certain collection that you must keep. It’s like one of the signs of being literate is owning the complete works of William Shakespeare. Well in my case I have a vast collection of Woody Allen films and Anime. Some science fiction but mostly foreign films and such. And now with the advent of hi-definition entertainment whether it’s blu-ray or hd-dvd, we all now have to build our collection from scratch. Since all those DVDs you bought two years ago wont live longer than you. But this one will. Yeah right.

Okay so I’m a sucker and bought the HD-DVD add on of the Xbox 360 which is the cheapest player in market. I am watching King Kong at the moment. Skipping through the boring parts and the quality is indeed impressive. Once you go to HD you wont go back. The stunning clarity and it was truly made for the LCD TV I got.

There are a bunch of movies that I’m planning to get. I’m building my anime collection once again but it seems that anime has chosen blu-ray. I’ve placed a pre-order for an anime movie which I last owned in VHS and would be absolutely happy to own it in HD. The great part about it is that it’s arriving on my birthday. Which is very nice indeed.

Now with HD-DVD in my room at last. Time to start saving up for that PS3 I will eventually buy.

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