What would make me get a PS3?

Almost six months have passed since the PS3 was launched and currently struggles against the Wii and the Xbox 360. There have been a lot of reasons from gamers why they haven’t made the jump. Too expensive. No games. And let me think..no games. Yes, that’s it. There wasn’t one launch title I wanted in my room or I was even remotely interested in playing.

It was only good as a Blu-ray disc player. And not that many living rooms in the world have Hi-Def TV sets in their homes. Where was the Metal Gear Solid 4, Final Fantasy 13 (yes they just released 12 last year, I can wish can’t I?), Gran Turismo HD? The only reason why I got the PS2 way back when was the fact that GT3 came out. At the time, that was the most I had spent on a gaming console ever. You got to admit, it’s pretty hard to let go of your $600 cold hard earned cash on something you’re not going to be happy with.

But after GDC 2007 I’ll say only three words. Little Big Planet.

At first it looks like a Nintendo game but it turns out that it’s on the PS3. The music is catchy, I can make my own design levels. Think Pikmin in the real world but with four players and the ability to design levels. Plus the levels that you make can be shared with other PS3 users and you can rate them and download them for FREE without having to PAY for it (can you hear me Micro$oft?).

The same goes for Sony Home, that place (and I do mean a real 3D environment where you can interact with your friends in virtual space and see everything that is available to see and bring back to your home.

Yes Ace Combat 6 will be coming out on the 360. Another big hop from a Playstation exclusive into Xbox territory, and Blue Dragon coming out soon it seems that the Xbox is a better choice at this time. But all the innovative games are with the Wii and now PS3.

It seems that the console wars are just about to begin.

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