It’s official: Apple say no 12″ MacBook Pro is coming

Dave Chartier was wondering if Apple would produce a 12″ MacBook Pro to replace the 12″ Powerbook, and was told on the phone by Apple that “a 12-inch MacBook Pro ain’t gonna happen.”

This definitely saddens me. I bought the very first 12″ powerbook that Apple released 3 years ago and this definitely saddens me. What about all the accesories I bought for my trusty 12″? My bag, the screen protector, sleeve, are all custom made for the 12″. It was just right. Couldn’t they make one that was similar to the black Macbook but with a heftier graphics card and the same aluminium casing for the 13″. But this time call it the 13″ Macbook Pro?

I would definitely like to buy the Macbook, but I find the 64 shared video card of Intel very limiting and it is still forcing me to get the bigger 15″. If the video card could be replaced by those found in the Macbooks, I would love to get one for myself.

I love that it’s much easier to access the HD now in the macbook that in it’s previous incarnation. Which is one of the main reasons I’m inclined to purchase a Macbook instead of a Macbook Pro. I don’t do much video editing now, nor do I do a lot of graphics editing. Which makes a macbook just right. But I do want to play games and that is something that the graphics of the macbook cannot handle. Which is why I am inclined to give the macbook pro another chance. I hate Apple for giving me these hard decisions.

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