Lawless Web

I just came from iBlog2, a conference of Philippine bloggers. The keynote speaker, Rebecca Mckinnon, formerly of CNN, now with Harvard raised some very interesting points about the whole blogging revolution happening online.

It is no secret that blogging has liberated the flow of information on the web. However there are no laws to protect the content that is posted on the web or any intellectual property or copyright laws that would protect anything created. Blogs can then be harassed, ideas be plagiarized and allow for internet piracy go on.

Blogs are not the only thing affected by the lack of proper laws protecting the internet. Porn, illegal file sharing and malicious attacks go on in the country. Even if they are only caught by authorities, since there is no law against this they are let go only with a few days of jail term and a small fine despite how grave the damage done on businesses and internet.

Our lawmakers apparently have more time getting rid of the president than passing laws that benefit us. One lawmaker stated why there is no intellectual copywright law saying “walang pera diyan” translated in English, “there’s no money in it”.

We are definitely a democratic country, majority of Filipinos do no have access to the internet, yet it is this very infrastructure that affects their daily lives. Its just that they don’t care.

Get off your fat asses and pass a bill that will protect us and our ideas.

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