Bad internet

Why can’t anyone provide decent internet service in the Philippines.

Ever since I got broadband, I could never bring myself to go back to dial up. I mean let’s face it. Can you go back to internet speeds less than 56k? I don’t think so. So I’ve been on broadband since 2000 when I got cable internet. Just last year I went to DSL when I found out that my cable internet company was bought out by a company that I didn’t like their service. (I also quit my cable TV company when that happened. I had no choice but to switch to DSL which was giving more bandwidth for the same prices I was paying for cable internet. The hard part was parting from my former cable internet provider.

I called them up saying I wanted to end my subscription. They told me to fax or email a letter stating that. So I went to their website and filled out the email reply box and sent a fax. But that wasn’t the end of it. They still kept charging me for 4 months after that. Bills which I ignored. Then they send me a disconnection notice. Disconnection notice for not paying my bills! I told them to disconnect my line months ago and they still charged me!! All the more reason to get out of that lousy service.

While that was all happening, I switched to DSL which was faster and the installation was quick and painless. However, the frustration was soon coming.

Every now and then, particularly during the weekends, I would lose my dial tone. And my internet connection.

Like this is insane!! Plus the support is somewhat of a paradox. You can only reach their emergency hotline using a phone in their service. BUT HOW CAN I CALL THE HOTLINE TO REPORT MY DEAD PHONE WHEN MY PHONE IS DEAD TO BEGIN WITH!! Can some one please explain this logic to me? Can someone please provide Filipinos with true broadband service with great customer support!

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