Voyage in Vana’diel

The Road to Jeuno

I had all the maps going to Jeuno, even the map of Jeuno but I needed help to make the trek all the way there. We met in Bastok and walked to the edge of the Konschat Highlands and entered the Pashow Marshlands. We stood there for a while, I guess while he checked the area if it was safe to walk with a lvl 20 whm. He changed his mind and we walked to the La Theine Plateau. I told him of a story where an orc chased me all the way through the zone area of Valkurm Dunes. He pointed at an orc and said “It is this one?” and promptly killed him. I replied, “No, it’s that one.” and pointed at another orc which he immediately dispatched as well. Laughing all the way to zone and I picked up my Holla Gate Crystal.

We zoned into Jugner Forest and cautiously walked through the area. I kept getting aggro from the Tigers in the area and he had to keep casting sneak and invisible on me. It was a really long trek. We got through it and once we zoned, we had a chance to listen to the jazzy beat of Battalia Downs. From there we made a mad rush for the gates of Jeuno and there were a horde of people.

Everyone was just there. Selling, yelling, synthing and so on. It truly was the center of Vana’diel. First things first in Jeuno was to get the Chocobo License. That took 6 hours total to finish. From there I was able to get parties for Qufim Island. It took a while for me to get to lvl 25. I kept coming back there with my white and black mage. When I finally got to lvl 25, I immediately used my raise scroll. Now I could raise players who have been knocked out.

The nice Hume Dark Knight who earlier helped me get my sub jobs helped me get my Kazham Pass. Getting the pass was a bit challenging. It took 3 hours real time to get all the keys. Once we got the keys, I got my Kazham Airship pass and rode the airship for the first time.

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