Macworld has come and gone and I have to make a decision.

Which blog am I going to keep?

With the release of the new iLife 06 suite and the new iWeb software by Apple it makes creating a website for your .mac account a lot easier. iLife 06 seamlessly integrates iPhoto, Garageband and iMovie into creating a website complete with blog, photocast, podcast and vidcast. And now, which one will I keep?

One thing I instantly discovered when I tried out iWeb, it will not clean up the clutter you previously left on your .mac. So all previous sites on your page will remain with all of the links and such. Which means you will have to re-upload all the pictures and movies and such all over again. Boo. I have four different sites now on my .mac which isn’t good. I will have to fix that on the next national holiday to consolidate the whole site and migrate to iWeb.

iWeb changes the URL now of your .mac homapage which was previously to By the way, if you do nor put the iWeb at the URL, you will not be directed to the default welcome page. This is one thing I cannot get over with and gets my thumbs down. The long URLs that you have to type to get to a site that you pay $100 a year to have. At least throw in the URL something like http://.mac would be nice. I’m sure they can do that and it would be much easier to memorize and be more attractive to mac users.

The available templates in iWeb are not bad but very limited in the number of designs available. I think Rapid Weaver has the most number of templates available which also has .mac integration. Macromedia has Contribute 3 which isn’t that bad although it requires a live internet connection to be able to edit your site. When you think of how many people will start using iWeb as a web page maker, you’re going to see a lot of duplicate sites.

iWeb is made only for .mac. You won’t be able to use it for other web providers. So only holders of .mac accounts will be able to use this. Also don’t count on editing you site from another computer since it uses a file located on your hard drive to set the sources for your site.

In the meantime, I’ll try out iWeb a little longer and see how my migration is going take.

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