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UP Lantern Parade 2010 Part 1


We’re all finally on Christmas break! The UP Lantern Parade this year was a bit iffy for me. Probably because of the heavy rain right before the parade started. But it did not dampen the mood of those who were there. As soon as the rain stopped, the streets were filled by all sorts of student creations and the students who made them.

Part of the parade route

College of Home Economics

Palma Hall crowd

UP Pep Squad

Free Coke Zero!

Statue of Liberty c/o College of Architechture

Melchor Hall crowd

NISMED Lantern lit up

INC Central Temple from the College of Architecture

Hagikhikan costume makes it reappearance

School od Economics Lantern

College of Education

UP Belly Dancers!

More pics to come!

Hagikhikan 2010

3PM Audience

Lines snaked around the UP Theater reaching up to the College of Music as early as 2pm. Call time was set at 1pm and everyone was getting ready.


The stage is set!

Cable line backstage

Final instructions

Audience trickling in

The view from backstage. LOL!

Yay! Done with the first show!

CMC Dancers!

Line at 5:30 for a 7PM show.

Waiting to get in.

View from the inside.

Jam packed house for the last show!

No two shows are the same.

UP President Roman with the UP Rayadillo

You really love us!!

UP CMC supporters!


Thank you everyone who watched! See you next year!

Hagikhikan backstage

Hagikhikan backstage, originally uploaded by mdelamerced.

We’re getting ready! Less than hour to go for showtime!

UP Lantern Parade survival guide 2010

It’s that time of the year again. The last event of the season is the most attended.

At the amphitheater

The faculty, students and staff of the University of the Philippines Diliman come together to put up a parade of lanterns usually with a theme. It’s great day for family and friends to enjoy the Holiday Celebrations. Here’s this year’s guide to prepare (somehow) for the 2.2 km route of the parade.

Roads will be closed.

I couldn’t get Google Map to do what I want so I’ll just type the road closures.

University oval will be closed beginning 6AM on Friday.
Magsaysay Avenue will be one way going in.
Quirino Ave leading to Katipunan will be one way going out.
University Ave. from E. Jacinto will be closed.

University Avenue

What to bring?

A chair. Folding and easy to carry. You’ll need this, the parade usually starts at 4pm and may end at 10pm depending on the activities.

Food and drinks. There will be a lot of vendors around but to be safe you can bring your own. Alcohol is not allowed inside the university and dispose of your garbage responsibly.

Keep everything you’re bringing light. It’s going to be quite a walk to your car after and lugging that huge water cooler will be quite a task.

If you are taking pictures, just bring one lens, zoom preferably with a focal length 35mm-150mm around that range will be great for everything.

A memory card of at least 8GB if you’re taking pictures in RAW format. Believe me, there’s a lot to take in.

Tripod. You’ll need this for the fireworks.


Best seat in the house?

Recommended places to stay,

Palma Hall steps
Melchor Hall steps
University Amphitheater – My personal favorite. Bigger space, great view of the fireworks. You get to see the performances of each college with a short introduction.

WTF – UP Open University

See you on Friday!

Hagikhikan 2010 Backstage

View from the back

Sorry if these pictures look like those secret photos of secret products. These pictures were taken during general practice which gave a preview of the entire show. Colleges are limited to a 6 minute performance with participation of the UP PEP Squad.

Front stage left

PEP Squad goes here

CMC and CHE stay here

Remnants of the Diliman Commune?

UP-CMC Faculty Performing today!

Hagikhikan 2010 preview

Hagikhikan 2010 preview, originally uploaded by mdelamerced.

Here’s the stage for this this year’s "Hagikhikan" also known as Faculty Follies. It’s a once a year presentation of the faculty of the University of the Philippines Diliman as part of the holiday celebrations.

Hagikhikan goes live on Wednesday at the UP Theater.

Mass Effect 3 Announcement trailer

While everyone is still fawning over the Batman and Uncharted 3 trailer. I can’t believe this went unnoticed. There’s no mention on what platform but we can certainly expect it to be on the Xbox360 and maybe on the PS3.

Coming Holiday 2011. I hope that means November.