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Dateline: Tokyo DKΣ3713

At the Square-Enix event in Tokyo, they seemed to announce things that would appease their loyal PS3 fans.

Final Fantasy XIII demo is heading for the PS3 in March 2009 which is bundled with the blu-ray version of FFVII Advent Children. This practically crushes any hope that it would be a surprise Holiday title.

Development of the Xbox 360 version will not begin until the PS3 version has been released.

PSP fans have everything to look forward to especially with Parasite Eve making it’s return.

My only problem with the announcements is that it makes me excited, next year. Sigh.

Absolute Virtue

This is the only creature/ notorious monster that remains undefeated in FFXI. So to give players hint, Square-Enix released this five minute video on how they defeated Absolute Virtue.

Clever guys. At the most critical point, they zoom into the chat screen so you don’t really see what’s going on.

It took them roughly a few hours to defeat as far as I know. I’ll check if I can get my linkshell to do this uicide run for kicks.