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That lady at the mall gave me a bad idea

4th Edition Core Rulebook Gift Set

I went to a nearby hobby shop with a friend who was buying card sleeves for his Eye of Judgement cards when I couldn’t resist asking the question.

“Is the 4th edition out yet?”

Thankfully she replied that it was still on pre-order. But then added that they had a special package to those who would pre-order.

The agony! I had given up traditional RPGs since I got my PSone and now this! I started my nerdy/ geek run on this franchise every since I heard about it in grade school. My dad got me the basic set for my 10th birthday and I learned how to read novels through the series. I even loved the other incarnations by TSR such as Gamma World, Star Frontiers, Al-Qadim and of course, Dragonlance.

But the sad part is, no one who I used to play this with is around anymore. They all moved on or just like me went into other hobbies such as videogames or even MMORPGs.

But I wonder, is there a way to play this over the net? There must be a way. With all the current technology of Skype, iChat, AIM, Facebook and such, there must be a kind group out there who might want to start from scratch?

And that is why that lady at the mall gave me a bad idea. Which may be the reason why, this week, I’ll be going back there and pre-ordering the 4th edition.

Wii Fit Day 2

I unlocked a few more exercises in the game. The tasks seem feel easier now. Although I am having difficulty standing on one foot. Limited my workout to 30 minutes game coins time. I’m resisting the urge to weigh myself again since it’s too early to tell if there’s been any improvement.

So far I’ve spent 1:30 on the game so I’ve unlocked:

  • Sun salutation
  • Rowing squat
  • Tightrope tension
  • Super Hula Hoop
  • Standing Knee
  • Balance Bubble
  • Sideways leg lift
  • Palm tree

That does not include the increased number of reps I can do for the other exercises.

I’m worried since I’ve got a business trip in a few weeks and I’ll be away from my Wii for a month I won’t be able to to do the exercises. I’ll try to stay in shape for that one since it involves a lot of walking and more walking. But I’ll still do the test at the end of the week to check if there’s any progress.